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We are a old factory and exporter in the line of plywood in Linyi city of Shandong province.We produced packing plywood to SUMITOMO FORESTRY CO of Japan in 2001, and then producing commercial plywood and furniture plywood main to middle-east and USA, then found the producing-line of film faced plywood and melamine faced plywood on the end of 2008, and lines of thin size plywood in 2009, Now we coming into being covering 6000m2 control 6 producing-line, 3 branch office, 3 controlled company, our leading product is including 1.6mm-25mm high quality plywood, 12-18mm film faced plywood, the thickness less than 8mm door skin size plywood. Certainly we have established a firm and harmonious relationships with the famus clients in Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and Oceania. On the year of 2007 we creationary established a set comprehensive QC system, and can ensure the quality o...[ more info ]

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Our im&export company also supply the following services:1) Purchase Agency (Commission agent)2) Out Sourcing Service (Quality control)3) Warehouse Service.Quality control: the inspect department is committed to providing professional inspection and quality technology services of all kinds of plywood to the clients and strives to improve the market share and l...[ more info ]

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